Legal Sciences Group

Opening ceremony of the academic year 2017/18 with the presentation "Maxime des Rechtsstaats" ("dictum of the constitutional state") by

Prof. Dr. Philip Kunig on 18.09.2017


Beside the german coordinator of the Faculty of Law Prof. Dr. Philip Kunig, the TGU rector Halil Akkanat and the dean of the Faculty of Law Ali Kemal Yıldız gave impressions about the juridical occupational field and encouragements for a successful academic studies.

The international landscape of the Benim Yolum Network and the overall emphasis on interdisciplinary work, result in projects with complex legal issues that fall under the law of different countries. Besides the importance of international comparative law education (esp. corporate and copyright law), the diversity of human-state relationships require legal sciences to be firmly in touch with other branches of science for the resolution of legal  conflicts. A strong legal presence in the Benim Yolum Network is therefore essential.

 The Turkish-German University can play an important role with this regard, because of its multilingual (Turkish-German) approach to the legal sciences, where the dialogue between the Turkish and German doctrines is experienced most intensely, thanks to its Turkish-German teaching staff. In line with this purpose, the University utilizes the dynamism of the Benim Yolum Network.


Sub-steering committe


Prof. a. D. Dr. Philip Kunig

German coordinator of the Faculty of Law of the Turkish-German University





Prof. Dr. Ali Kemal Yildiz

Dean of the Faculty of Law of the Turkish-German University

Social Sciences Group

In the globalized world where interdisciplinary work is getting more important, social sciences are getting into the forefront as well, because mankind is still at the center of these activities.

Different societies have different needs and requirements and projects have to be planned accordingly. Social sciences can play a crucial role in the network by working as a cultural bridge between the various cultures of its members. 





Sub-steering committee

Prof. Dr. Vera Nünning

German coordinator of the Faculty of Cultural and Social Sciences of the Turkish-German University

Heidelberg University