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"The establishment of the Turkish-German University is a big symbolic act for Turkish-German relations. Our countries have good cultural and economic relations that we want to support through our institution." 

Prof. Dr. Halil AKKANAT, Rector of the Turkish-German University


"This network will be an important step for bringing together students, young researchers and partners of the Natural Science Faculty of the Turkish German University. Hand in hand with our Turkish colleagues, the University of Potsdam and many other German universities are actively engaged to create this unique place for Turkish-German scientific interaction."

Prof. Dr. Robert Seckler, Vice President for Research and Junior Academics of the University of Potsdam

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who we are

We are a Turkish-German network for academics and industry in collaboration with the Turkish-German University in Istanbul. As you might already know, the Turkish-German University in Beykoz has opened its doors to students in Fall 2013. We are a network of students, young researchers, professors and industry partners in the fields of law, natural and social sciences, engineering, and technology.

what we do

This network is set up to inform our members about developments, workshops, networking events and future career opportunities at the Turkish-German University. The aim of Benim Yolum is to contribute making the Turkish-German University an attractive place for students, researchers and industry to meet, collaborate and build interdisciplinary partnerships.


Young and senior scientists as well as partners from industry are invited to participate in our vibrant, young, and international scientific network.

OUR Steering Committee

Prof. Dr. Robert Seckler

Vice President for Research and Junior Academics of the University of Potsdam

Prof. Dr. Halil Akkanat

Rector of the Turkish- German University Istanbul.

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