Design sheet 4.0


A lecture about "creation of realistic situations of development in tutorials" takes place on november, 30th, at TGU´s Faculty of Engineering.

Second meeting of TGU and Turkish-German industry partners on 01.11.2017


In a second meeting in Beykoz/ Istanbul representatives of TGU and Turkish-German companies partizipated in several workshops to discuss models of cooperation. In a further step a working group will elaborate strategies for collaboration.

Meeting of TGU rector and CEO´s of Turkish-German companies at Turkish-German University in Istanbul on 14.09.2017.


Various representatives of TGU came together with the Department Head for Culture and Communication of the German Department for Foreign Affairs, the German Consul General and divers CEO´s of Turkish-German companies. They compared notes about a collaboration in partnership.

Find here more information about it.

New course of studies at the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the Turkish-German University


Since fall semester 2017/2018 there will be a new course of studies in Molecular Biotechnology at TDU. See more about it in the following video.



Student excursion to Mercedes-Benz-Museum Stuttgart


During their intership in Germany TDU students visited the Mercedes-Benz-Museum in Stuttgart. See more about the visit on TDU-Homepage.

Turkish-German Cooperation for Industry 4.0 Readiness 

The TDU, TU Berlin, one industry partner from Germany and one from Turkey have come together and worked out a joint project with the aim to pioneer the implementation of the novel paradigm of Industry 4.0 in Turkey.
The project proposal has been submitted to the TUBITAK 2534, 2+2 TUBITAK - BMBF Cooperation Program. 
The project spans over several research fields, such as sustainable production, decision support systems, new generation energy systems and materials.

Our ambulant laboratory is ready for research projects.
Our ambulant laboratory is the starting point of Central Education and Research Laboratory Complex, funded by the Turkish Ministry of Development. The plans of this complex, have been highly praised by the ministry, because of its efficient use of the area and focus on interdisciplinary research. 
It will be used by research groups from the material and energy sciences, molecular biotechnology, and engineering faculties for study, development, and simulation purposes. 

Student excursions to the Bosch, BSH, and Mercedes factories


As part of our practice oriented study programs, we are regularly working with factories, planning excursions and internships for our students from their first semesters onwards.  


An agreement has been reached with KPMG and Siemens for a vigorous collaboration.



Sub-steering committee for natural and engineering sciences

Prof. Dr. Robert Seckler

Vice President for Research and Junior Academics of the University of Potsdam and German coordinator of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Turkish-German University.

Prof. Dr. Halil Akkanat

Rector of the Turkish-German University Istanbul and dean of the Faculty of Natural and Engineering Sciences.

Prof. Dr. Christian Thomsen

President of the TU Berlin and German coordinator of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences at the Turkish-German University